Privacy Policy

  1. 1) About this site
    Itsuki Shodoukai owns and operates this Site.
  2. 2) Use of Personal Information
    Your personal information is used to contact you when necessary.
  3. 3) Providing personal Information to Third Parties
    Itsuki Shodoukai will not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to third parties your personally identifiable information.
  4. 4) Consignment of personal Information
    Itsuki Shodoukai will not to contract with third parties to manage all or part of your personally identifiable information.
  5. 5) Precaution for your personal information entry
    Please be reminded that we are not able to contact you if you do not fill out the contact address.
  6. 6) Protection of Personal Information
    Itsuki Shodoukai will take necessary and appropriate measures in place in order to prevent or correct the disclosure, loss and damage of the personal information.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on January 05, 2016.