Japanese Calligraphy, Shodou, is the plastic art using a brush and black Indian ink to write Japanese
characters and shape. To acquire this Japanese classic knowledge, makes an expressive word, good posture and beautiful one’s
carriage and also it discipline one's mind I hope to propagate this wonderful Japanese culture to next generation.
Self introduction
Keiko Bando
Preside "Itsuki Shodo Kai"(Japanese Calligraphy Society)
Born:Year 1962,Tokyo,JAPAN
I started to learn Japanese calligraphy "Shuji" from 6 years old,and gotcalligraphy instructor's license at time of 24 years old. Currrently I have been conducting to teach "Shuji" to my own students who are from children to aged people. I have been involved in calligraphy workshop in JAPAN and also visited foreign countries to introduce Japanese calligraphy and how to write it in workshop.
Social work history :
2007, 8 Organized free experience event for Japanese Calligraphy at UenoStation hall.
2008, 11 Participate to introduce Japanese culture at Zhejiang Gongshang University in Guanzhou,China
2011, 2 Visit Vietnam to participate to introduce Japanese culture andexperience Japanese Calligraphy at Vietnam Sakura Japanese LanguageSchool.